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Last week I was at my mum’s house and she had some friends round for a brew. I never thought I would hear about my own Local Bargain Finder in their conversation.

As is normally the case when a few women get together the conversation got on to the subject of shopping. They were talking about finding bargains on the internet and the latest trends.

To be honest it was the kind of conversation that would normally make me drift off to sleep. That was until I heard my mum’s friend mentioned the local bargains she had been finding online with a “local eBay bargain finder tool”. She was explaining how much easier and cheaper it was to pick her purchases up locally.

I rather rudely jumped into the conversation and asked which website this local bargain finder tool was on. You probably guessed right, she said this site right here! I was over the moon. After explaining that it was my website that had helped her find all those cheap local bargains and also explaining about the daily deals on here from the big major outlet stores, their conversation went onto other matters and once again I felt my eye lids getting heavy.

It Makes Me Happy That Others Are Finding Local Bargains Here

I am happy with the fact that this website has and does help people find cheap┬álocal bargains online. I know I have had a few great deals, but to actually meet someone who I didn’t tell about the website and for them to be telling their friends about how great it is filled me with real delight. Its nice to know it works for people and I’m able to help people save a little money along the way.

So if you came here looking for a local bargain finder tool then don’t let me keep you. You can search for your own bargains here.
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